Saturday, November 30, 2013

Still There

One afternoon I went to over to my sister's house for a visit. As I exited off 485 and merged onto Idlewild Road, I spotted a small brown shoe in the middle turn lane of the busy 4 lane road. I knew instantly it was child's shoe because of its size. Of course, I pulled over and snapped some pictures. He's one of the shoes that I included in my last post "Fall Finds", but I felt he was worth mentioning again. 
Since the initial spotting of the shoe, I have been to see my sister 4 more times. It's been 6 weeks and the little guy is still there sitting in the same spot. Now, every time I take the exit and make my way toward my sister's house, I look for him.

How long will he last? Will he make it through the winter? 
I'll be curious to see!

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