Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Search of Soles

So I have begun to enlist the help of my friends and family with the search for lost soles. I've asked them to keep their eyes peeled and to be on the lookout wherever they go. Whenever a sole is spotted, I ask for both a picture and a location. Having both helps trigger where and when they were discovered.  I'm happy to report that shoes are showing themselves to my loved ones. Just last week I received a text from my brother that read, "A lost sole drowned in the Tennessee River in Knoxville."  He was on a hike and saw a capsized sneaker immersed in mud and surrounded by trash and debris.
 That same day, only a few hours later, a friend in Matthews, NC, came across a child's flip flop in a parking lot as she walked to her car. She snapped the shot and shared the location. Her 2nd text read, "I walked by it and turned around to take a picture...Some lady watched me take the pic and must have thought I was crazy." I can relate. There are many times I wonder what people are thinking as I crouch by the side of the road or run into an intersection with my camera. It's all for the shot!!! And I'm grateful that those I love are helping in the search! Many thanks!


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