Thursday, October 10, 2013

Found Soles' Stories Go Untold

For every shoe I spot and then capture on film, there is one that I find but for various reasons and circumstances I just can't get the shot. Sometimes I am a passenger and not in charge of driving; therefore, I can't make the decision to turn around or pull over. Other times I am on the way to an appointment or perhaps already late and therefore unable to stop. And then there are the times when the shoe is in a dangerous location or an impossible location in order to capture the picture. I can't tell you how many times I see a shoe on a highway and there’s nowhere for me to pull over and surely no room for me to take a picture without getting hit by a car. I cannot and will not endanger my life or the life of someone else. 
Just recently, while traveling home from Charleston, SC, I noticed a sneaker turned upside down on the side of the highway. The shoe was smack dab next to the concrete divide as I merged from I26 onto I77. There was no exit for another mile and no pull off area on the left. And if I pulled over on the right, I would have had to run across 3 lanes of traffic with nowhere to stand. There was literally a foot of asphalt space between the yellow line and the divide--an impossible location. I very much dislike when I spot a shoe and can't get to it, but I have to be safe. Oh, don't get me wrong, sometimes I estimate intersection light changes and make a run for it, or hang over a curb when traffic lets up, but I make sure that it's safe first. I know that there will be plenty of other soles soon; I just have to be patient.

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